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Afghan Hound

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Traits of the Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is an ancient breed derived from the group of Middle Eastern sighthounds. It was used by nomadic tribes as a coursing hound capable of providing hare and gazelle meat for the pot. Generations of hunting in the harsh mountainous terrain of Afghanistan produced a fast dog that also had a good deal of stamina, but most of all, had incredible leaping ability and nimbleness. Its long coat protected it from the cold climate.

These dogs remained isolated for centuries, hidden in the impenetrable Afghanistan mountains. The first Afghan Hounds came to England in the early 1900s. The breed’s standard of perfection was modeled on Zardin, a particularly striking dog. Popularity grew slowly, with the dog appealing mostly to the glamour set. In the 1970's, the Afghan became a fad breed with the public, but it has since dwindled in popularity.

Afghan Hounds are independent hunters, with a tendency to chase small animals, keep on running, and not come when called. They are sensitive, yet not overly demonstrative, with a gay, clownish side.

Are you searching the internet for:

  • Afghan Hound Artwork?
  • Afghan Hound Print?
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  • Afghan Hound Gift or Present?

You came to the right place. You will find that this artwork fits perfectly in any home or office. Our goal was to take all the aspects that make this breed so special and reflect it into conceptual art. This art is specific to the breed and it was created as a way for you to show and share your love for the breed.

Afghan Hound Artwork Created at PetArt.us

First, the breed is researched for the traits and descriptions that make the breed special. Then I create each illustration to reflect the Afghan Hound's special traits. An Afghan Hound Lover can display what makes the Afghan Hound unique or give it as a special gift to someone who loves an Afghan Hound. Each piece is signed and dated by me, the artist.

This artwork offers a distinctive present for:

  • holidays
  • birthdays
  • special events (weddings, anniversaries, pet birthdays)
  • religious observations (such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Bat Mitzvah, Bar Mitzvah)

Or, maybe you just want a way to convey your love for a Afghan Hound.

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