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Traits of the Affenpinscher

As one of the oldest toy breeds, the breed’s origins are obscure. Small terriers adept at dispatching rats were abundant in central Europe by the 17th century. In Germany they were used to rid stables and kitchens of rodents. Even smaller versions of these dogs were preferred for ladies’ lap dogs, as they were able to kill mice in the home, warm their mistress’ laps, and amuse entire households with their antics. This small version eventually became the Affenpinscher.

In 1936, the AKC recognized the breed. The breed’s name describes it well: affen, meaning “monkey,” and pinscher, meaning “terrier.” In France the Affenpinscher is known as the diablotin moustachu—“moustached little devil”—which also aptly describes it!

Are you searching the internet for:

  • Affenpinscher Artwork?
  • Affenpinscher Print?
  • Affenpinscher Puppy Picture?
  • Affenpinscher Gift or Present?

You came to the right place. You will find that this artwork fits perfectly in any home or office. Our goal was to take all the aspects that make this breed so special and reflect it into conceptual art. This art is specific to the breed and it was created as a way for you to show and share your love for the breed.

Affenpinscher Artwork Created at PetArt.us

First, the breed is researched for the traits and descriptions that make the breed special. Then I create each illustration to reflect the breed's special traits. An Affenpinscher Lover can display what makes the Affenpinscher unique or give it as a special gift. Each piece is signed and dated by me, the artist.

This artwork offers a distinctive present for:

  • holidays
  • birthdays
  • special events (weddings, anniversaries, pet birthdays)
  • religious observations (such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Bat Mitzvah, Bar Mitzvah)

Or, maybe you just want a way to convey your love for a Affenpinscher.

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