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About PetArt.us

Welcome to our great PetArt.us Store. All of our products are unique and not available in retail stores. You might find us at an art show but all of our products are online.

  • We love pets!
  • We are located in Spring, TX

My name is Rebecca and my shop was born out of a passion for creating unique wall art pieces with family pets as the subjects.

My art is created for “pet parents” and each piece reflects the character of the animal, using descriptive words and phrases inside of a silhouette of the pet to create a piece of art that lovers of that breed will appreciate and admire. I have a wide range of pet art already in my shop, but I would also love to work with you on a custom order for your pet or to create a special memory of a pet who has passed.

I am a lifelong animal lover and pet owner. In the past I have owned birds, horses, dogs, cats and even a pig! I currently share my home with a 19 year old Westie whose name is Harry and an 8 year old rescued Wheaten Terrier named Ruffles. They love to travel in the car and each night they get a Pupparoni before bedtime! Each of my pets has a unique character and enhances my life in a special way!

For many years, I have been a calendar publisher and I continue to publish the only calendar that includes all holidays for all countries around the world. It is ideal for business travelers and people who do business globally, you can find it here: http://aglobalworld.com

Although I enjoy that line of work, I had an idea that I couldn’t get out of my head: I wanted to create art pieces for pet owners that would showcase their particular pet or breed of pet. I set out to develop a method to make art out of combining the unique traits of a pet with illustration. The result is my descriptive pet portraits.

Before beginning a new piece, I carefully research the traits that set that breed apart. The adjectives describing the animal traits are then assembled into a pet portrait that will bring a smile to pet owners as well as being a piece of art that looks great in the home! Even though I have several dogs and many of my pieces showcase dog breeds, I also design for horses, pigs, birds and cats.

My pet art pieces make wonderful gifts for pet lovers.

Personalized pieces include a pet’s name with the existing artwork that I have created for that breed.

Custom art included personalization plus you can add or change the words in the art to include dates, names, personality descriptions, and words that are special about your individual pet.

You might might want to memorialize a special pet that is no longer with us. Please send me an email if you would like to discuss a custom order or if you have any questions about my pet art.